DocVilla – HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine Platform to Connect Doctors and Patients through Smartphone

PS3G Inc. has launched HIPAA-compliant secure platform, DocVilla, to connect patients with the doctors through telemedicine. The patients can select a state licensed doctor along with the pharmacy where the prescriptions needs to be delivered and have a video call with the doctor.

DocVilla – Connecting Patients and Doctors


PS3G Inc. is pleased to announce today the release of its long awaited applications – DocVilla (iOS and Android) and DocVilla for Doctor (iOS and Android). DocVilla is a HIPAA-compliant secure platform to connect the patients with the doctors through telemedicine and video calling. Patients have a wide range of choices in selecting any licensed doctor and pharmacy in their home state and are only charged after the consultation is over.

“DocVilla is the only application that provides a marketplace for doctors and allows them to choose the rate at which they want to provide services. This application has been launched at a national level in United States and is useful for individuals who do not have any insurance and are facing some non-emergency medical condition, or individuals living in rural areas who need access to the best physicians across their state, or elderly people who face difficulty in driving and travelling. It would also be useful for working parents or single parents who have to multi-task. With this application, there are no more long waits, no more in-person appointments and one can do it right from the comfort of their home. Using the application patients can have access to dermatologists, physician, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and gynecologists anywhere, anytime without any worry about traffic or time constraints. In 2016, PS3G Inc. had launched MyDerm, a telemedicine application for dermatology where patients can take the photograph of their skin problem, select the pharmacy where the prescription needs to be sent and then send the information to the dermatologist. This application got a very good response as it helped the patients save both time and money. For more information please read the MyDerm press release on PS3G website. In the development of DocVilla application, we have used open source, big data technologies and also own the Intellectual Property rights for all the functionalities in the application such as Video Calling and Scheduling. From business perspective, this would help us keep our technology operations cost low and thus allows us to pass all the cost savings back to our valued customers. We are in talks with few hospitals, doctors, universities and urgent care facilities for enrollment. Majority of non-emergency cases such as flu, acne, sore throat, stress, sinus, dehydration etc. can very well be managed using DocVilla telemedicine application. For a complete list please visit the website or download the app on iOS and Android. Of the two applications – DocVilla (iOS and Android) is for the patients and DocVilla Doctor (iOS and Android) is used by the state-licensed Doctors,” said Ankit Goyal, CEO, PS3G Inc.

About PS3G: 
PS3G stands for “Professional Services, Software & Solutions Group” and is a leading IT company with offices in North America and India. The company has two divisions – Technology Solutions and Consumer IT Products.

PS3G Consumer IT Products Division focuses on developing platforms for end consumers. Some of the recent major releases have been EasyLearning4Kids (low cost learning application for kids available on iOS and Android) and DocVilla. On the other hand, Technology Solutions Division focuses on providing Web Solutions, Mobile Solutions, Big Data, Data Management and Cloud based solutions across the industry.


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