DocVilla – More than your EMR and Telemedicine

DocVilla is the best Practice Management solution with EMR and Telemedicine capabilities.

DocVilla - most affordable EMR, telemedicine and practice management solution
DocVilla Practice Management, EMR and Telemedicine

As of now solo providers and practices are using multiple platforms for their day to day activities. They are using scheduling software, EMR/EHR, eRx, eBilling or a biller, software for medical insurance claim filing and sometimes softwares for telemedicine.

Since all of these platforms are disintegrated, the providers have to copy/paste the patient data from one platform to another which leads to wastage of resources and also human errors. This ultimately leads to the insurance companies rejecting the claim. On top of that, providers end up paying thousands of dollars per month to avail the above services through different platforms.

DocVilla - best EMR, telemedicine and practice management solution
DocVilla – affordable EMR and Practice Management Solution

DocVilla addresses all of the above issues by . 

DocVilla patient app

DocVilla has a patient side application through which patients can find the doctor in the state of their residence. This helps the provider get more patients in the state in which they hold the license.

Market place for Doctors

DocVilla is the only platform which provides a market place for doctors which means that providers can set their own prices and rates for consults. DocVilla does not dictate how much a provider should be compensated for and it’s upto the patients to decide which doctor they want to go to.

Flexible time

Providers can set their own time for consults when they want to work. They decide how much time they want to cater to each patient.

Video, In-Person and Walk-In appointments

Use DocVilla as your practice management solution with integrated EMR and telemedicine. It’s one stop shop to schedule video, in-person and walk-in appointments.

A Complete Practice Management Solution

DocVilla can be leveraged for scheduling Video, In-Person and Walk-In appointment consults.


DocVilla is connected to about 75000+ pharmacies nationwide and leverages surescripts network help doctors send electronic prescriptions to pharmacy which the patient selected.

e-Claim filing

DocVilla uses state of the art technology to file for medical insurance. The technology would prompt if any section in the form is incomplete.


DocVilla is agnostic to medical insurance and can work with and without it. Providers can bill the patients through the credit card on record.

EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

DocVilla has patient charts and SOAP notes. DocVilla leverages business intelligence and machine learning to help doctors fill SOAP notes faster with minimal typing and clicks. We even have ICD 10 integration.

Secure chat

DocVilla provides secure chat functionality for providers and patients. No need to share your personal number with anyone. Just chat securely with the patients.

Seamless flow of patient data

Since this is one single platform, hence the patient data flows seamlessly from start till end. Providers or practices do not have to get any other platform.

DocVilla is much more than standard Practice Management, EMR or telemedicine solution. Schedule demo with us to understand how DocVilla can help you and your practice grow for one low price.

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