DocVilla launches Automated Reminder Calls for medical practices

reminder call for medical practices

DocVilla (#1 Ambulatory EHR and PM Software) is excited to announce the launch of Automated Reminder Calls for medical practices and doctors. With this feature, Doctors and Medical Practices can now send Automated Reminder Calls to their patients before the appointment. DocVilla already offered automated SMS, push notifications, and email reminders to the patients. Patients can now also receive automated calls reminding them about upcoming appointments. This is an Add-On feature that is available for the Gold members. Automated electronic notifications help the medical practices to reduce patient no-shows, increase their revenue, streamline their scheduling process, reduce staff time spent on administrative tasks, increase staff productivity, and improve patient communication and satisfaction.


Automated Reminder Calls is one of the big features on which our engineers have been working diligently. We previously launched Direct Primary Care (DPC) which is also known as “Subscription Medicine”, Concierge Medicine” and “Membership Medicine”. DPC is a payment model that can be offered by the Physicians to the Patients. There is no third-party billing involved. Patients have direct access to the Physician for a small monthly fee as decided between the patient and the physician. With this feature in DocVilla, the Physicians can now create subscriptions with monthly recurring charges on the Credit card, Debit card, and HSA/FSA cards provided by the patients. The invoices are auto-generated. These subscriptions can be canceled anytime by the Physician. DPC is already being embraced by the health policymakers across the country and has a bill H.R. 4301 : Primary Care Enhancement Act of 2021 in congress. This bill was introduced in Congress on July 1, 2021 by Rep. Earl Blumenauer. DocVilla is one of the pioneering EHRs (Electronic Health Records) to implement the concept of Direct Primary Care in the platform. DocVilla already supports one-time payments from credit and debit cards and is also connected with over 4000 medical insurances/payers across the nation for billing.

DocVilla is a comprehensive health technology platform that offers EHR (Electronic Health Records), EMR (Electronic Medical Records), TelemedicineMedical Inventory ManagementElectronic Prescriptions, Electronic Billing, Electronic Fax, Medical Practice Management, and Automated Reminder Notifications (Reminder Calls, SMS Reminders, Email Reminders, Push Notifications), and a lot more. DocVilla is fully customizable and can be white-labeled based on the needs of medical practice. More information can be found at

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