Analytics and Reports

Powerful Business Analytics and Reports
Holistic view of Your Entire Practice
Transform Data, Your Way

Key Features

Powerful Analytics and Reports

Get holistic view of your entire practice by building custom reports. Get data for revenue, consults, patients etc. Extract, Transform and Export data to excel format.

Capture Unrealized Revenue

Make business critical decisions using DocVilla custom reports. Find revenue generating opportunities using an integrated view of multiple practices.

Create Meaningful Reports

We can create custom reports for your practice. You can slice and dice the existing reports or drill down in reports from high level to low level and export them into excel.

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Get Business Critical Insights to drive your medical practice. Uncover opportunities and address inefficiencies by getting a holistic view of trends across multiple practices and providers. Understand needs of your staff as well as patients to make timely decisions. Generate meaningful reports with one click to drive up revenue. Drill down, customize reports and export them to Microsoft excel. Get analytics and reports on encounters, charge amounts, revenue and other key indicators.

At DocVilla we understand each  practice is different and hence we can also create custom reports for your based on your needs.

Everything in one place

Since DocVilla is one holistic platform which has EHR, Telemedicine, Inventory Management, Patient charts, Revenue Management, Role based access, Billing, ERA, Claim Filing in one place etc., we are able to provide and generate any kind of custom analytics and reports which suit your needs. We already have the data. Allow us to present it to you in the way which makes sense for your business. The reports can also be generated based on access role permission of the user. Since DocVilla leverages Big Data technology, we have the capability to generate custom reports for medical research purposes. For example, we can provide detailed analyses on how many individuals from specific demographics contracted Covid in a particular area during a defined timeframe. This allows for a deeper understanding and more targeted approaches in medical studies and public health initiatives.

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