EHR EMR for Urology

All-in-One EHR, Scheduling,
& Medical Billing for

Generate quick notes

Accelerate your charting process with access to prebuilt or customizable medical forms from our extensive library. Utilize tools such as ED Questionnaire, HPI complaint forms, and various other assessment forms to streamline documentation and improve clinical efficiency.

Visualize and analyze long-term health trends with our comprehensive tools that graph and track historical data for weight, BMI, blood pressure, etc. This enhanced insight allows for more effective management of patient health over time.

Utilize HIPAA compliant in-built Speech-To-Text functionality or create your own custom SOAP templates.


Send Lab Order and Receive Results

Efficiently manage lab orders and effortlessly receive results through our HL7 bidirectional connectivity and seamless integration with supported laboratories. Lab outcomes are automatically organized within patient charts and can be conveniently shared with patients via our patient portal, enhancing communication and care coordination. DocVilla is all in one EHR EMR for Endocrinology.

Send/Receive Referrals (Direct Messaging)

Safely exchange referrals or direct messages in full compliance with HIPAA standards with a network of over 2 million healthcare providers and hospitals across the country. DocVilla collaborates with to offer these secure communication services. Utilize our network search feature to find providers within the network, enabling the secure transmission of patient information through Direct Secure Messaging. You can also utilize integrated HIPAA compliant electronic fax to send/receive patient charts.

E-prescribe through Surescripts

Seamlessly e-prescribe a wide array of medications, including controlled substances when necessary, directly through DocVilla EHR using Surescripts network. This ensures your patients get the critical medications they need precisely when they need them, promoting better health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Quickly access your patient’s medication history using the Surescripts database or retrieve controlled substance records through Bamboo. This feature ensures you have comprehensive insights into your patient’s medication background, enabling informed prescribing decisions.

Submit claims and receive ERAs/EOBs

Accelerate your payment process with DocVilla. Swiftly submit claims to thousands of payers nationwide directly from our platform and receive ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) or EOBs swiftly. Easily allocate patient responsibilities and automatically dispatch electronic invoices through text, email, or the patient portal. Patients can conveniently pay using their HSA, FSA, or credit cards via a secure payment link, streamlining the billing and payment process. Check real time eligibility to know patient responsibility (copays, deductibles and co-insurance)

Modernize Patient Engagement with integrated Patient Portal

DocVilla provides integrated patient portal, designed to enhance patient satisfaction and significantly reduce administrative workload. Through our patient portal, patients can effortlessly schedule appointments, pay bills, securely communicate with healthcare providers, upload documents, and complete forms digitally. With a single click, providers can share documents directly with patients via the portal, streamlining the communication process. Moreover, our platform supports the capability for users to access information for multiple patients under a single account. For example, a parent can easily view and manage their child’s health information through their own patient portal, ensuring convenient and consolidated access to essential health data.

Send/Receive HIPAA compliant Electronic Fax (efax)

Digitally scan, upload, and attach a variety of documents, including ultrasounds, paper charts, and photographs, with ease. Securely transmit these documents through our integrated, HIPAA-compliant electronic fax service, ensuring that your sensitive information is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Send Electronic Consent forms

Dispatch Electronic Consent Forms to patients via text, email, or through the patient portal and effortlessly obtain their electronic signatures. This streamlined process ensures a smooth, secure, and efficient way to manage consent forms, enhancing patient engagement and compliance.

Key Features

Cloud Based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software for Mental Health and Psychiatry Practices

Cloud Based

DocVilla EHR/EMR is accessible anytime, anywhere using a web browser. It runs on Google and AWS cloud with an uptime guarantee of 99.999%. DocVilla uses 256 bit encryption.

SOAP Templates

Create unlimited SOAP templates for your organization. Layer them for patients with multiple symptoms. Use one click macros to dynamically generate content.

Electronic Prescribing

Sending unlimited eRx including Controlled Substances using Surescripts network to over 75000 pharmacies across the nation. Compose compound drugs and get Allergy-Drug interaction notification.


Manage your calendar. DocVilla calendar even integrates with your smart phone and google calendar so you are always on top of your upcoming appointments.

Lab Integration

Using HL7 based interface, DocVilla can integrate with any lab of your choice. We also offer integration of APIs from various labs at no costs to you.

Powerful Analytics

DocVilla offers powerful analytics and reports to help you make critical decisions for your practice and account for unrealized revenue. We can even develop custom reports for your practice.

Integrated Telemedicine

DocVilla EMR offers HIPAA compliant free integrated telemedicine (video calling and messaging) within the platform. It is included in all the plans without any extra charge.

Free Patient Portal

DocVilla offers free patient portal. We can also customize and white-label the portal for a small fee. Patients can securely upload required documents.

Flexible Billing

Generate superbills using ICD 10 codes. Apply copays, deductibles to patient account. Send paperless bills to the patient, charge credit from DocVilla, file for insurance claim.

Task Management

Assign tasks to your staff members with due dates, notes, corresponding patient and chart records. Get auto notifications and keep track of completion.

Automatic Updates

Since DocVilla is cloud based, it is always up to date. No need to install any software. Open up the browser, login and start using DocVilla EHR. Available anytime, anywhere.

Document Management

Securely upload documents such as x-rays, MRIs, blood reports, copy of insurance corresponding to encounters. Documents are stored safely in cloud using 256 bit encryption.

Eligibility Checks

Perform Real time Eligibility Checks of the patient insurance coverage in Realtime with just one click. Get data on copays, deductible, maximum out of pocket etc. Reduce chances of denial by using technology.

Electronic Claim Filing

Filing for insurance claim with just one click. All the data including CPTs, date of services, billing provider NPI etc. gets populated automatically in CMS 1500 form.

Patient Statements

Generate account statements to patient explaining their responsibility, services rendered and insurance payments applied. Patients can access paperless statements through their DocVilla patient portal.

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