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Practice Management Software
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Key Features


DocVilla offers scheduling calendar in all it's plans which can be integrated with your smart phone and google calendar so you are always on top of your appointments.

Inventory Management

Keep a track of your stock/inventory, revenue, expiration dates, manufacturer and a lot more. Tie that data with the patients. Create custom reports. Get automatic notifications.

Role Based Access

Create role based access for Providers, administrators, site administrators, location/department administrators, billers, inventory managers, nurses etc.


Get holistic view by building custom reports across your practice. Get data for revenue, consults, patients. Extract, Transform and Export data to excel format.

Credit Card Processing

Charge your patients directly from DocVilla portal using their credit card/debit card. The money flows automatically to your bank account. We use Stripe as our payment gateway.

Secure Messaging

Exchange messages securely with patients and other staff members. Patients can message your from web and mobile patient apps. Get e-notifications on your portal.

Document Management

Securely upload documents such as x-rays, MRIs, blood reports, copy of insurance corresponding to encounters. Documents are stored safely in cloud using 256 bit encryption.

Free Patient Portal

DocVilla offers free patient portal. We can also customize and white-label the portal for a small fee. Patients can securely upload required documents and fill up quentionnaires.


Generate automatic paperless invoice based on encounters and charts. Apply copay, co-insurance and patient responsibility to the patient account. Generate reports based on the revenue.

Task Management

Assign tasks to your staff members with due dates, notes, corresponding patient and chart records. Get auto notifications and keep track of completion.


With electronic fax, you do not have to print or scan any documents. You can directly attach the documents which you receive from any other provider to the patient chart.

Referral Management

Manage referrals from other providers. Add referring providers to DocVilla along with their NPI. Auto populate this data when submitting claim. Seamless workflow from start till end.

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As part of Practice Management Suite, DocVilla offers Scheduling, Inventory Management, Key Performance Indicators for sales and staff members, Roles and Permissions for various employees and Custom Reporting.

Contact with us to understand how we can implement DocVilla for your medical practice. It’s one stop shop for all your needs at one low price.

DocVilla offers service-based scheduling and fees.

What does it mean? This feature allow the providers to add additional services besides telemedicine and in-person appointments. So, consider services such as Botox treatment or Sutures and Wound care. Each service is different and requires a different time, effort and cost. DocVilla would allow the providers to add additional services with various rates and schedules. So using this model, a provider is not constrained to charging a flat fee from the patient and can provide quality care at different price points.


It’s true that every physician has primary responsibility of caring for their patients, but private practices have an additional challenge of running a business. Besides an EHR, DocVilla is also offers a medical practice management software which allows a practice to manage their day to day operations such as scheduling, billing and administrative tasks. DocVilla is fully cloud based which helps the doctors to access and manage their data from anywhere through mobile, tablet or desktop devices. Through DocVilla, the staff can book patient appointments, send email reminders to avoid (or reduce) no shows, organize patient data, verify patient insurance coverage, process medical claims, and generate reports of cancelled patient appointments. Schedule time with us for a demo.

How DocVilla Practice Management helps Medical Practices?

DocVilla Medical practice management software is a tool that helps medical practices manage their day-to-day operations and improve efficiency. It can help medical practices in several ways:

  1. Streamlining administrative tasks: Medical practice management software can automate many administrative tasks, such as appointment scheduling, billing and coding, and insurance claims processing, which can save time and reduce errors.

  2. Improved patient scheduling: Medical practice management software can help medical practices manage patient schedules more effectively. It can provide appointment reminders, confirmations, and waiting lists, which can help to reduce no-shows and increase patient satisfaction.

  3. Improved financial management: Medical practice management software can help medical practices manage their financial performance by providing real-time data on revenue and expenses. It can also help with insurance claims and billing, which can help practices get paid faster and more accurately.

  4. Improved patient care: Medical practice management software can help medical practices improve patient care by providing access to patient information in real-time, such as medications, lab results, and treatment history. This can help to improve the accuracy of diagnoses and reduce the risk of medication errors.

  5. Better Data Management: Medical practice management software can also help with data management by providing a centralized platform for healthcare providers to store and share patient information, which can help to improve the accuracy of patient data and make it easier to track patient progress over time.

  6. Compliance with regulations: Medical practice management software can help medical practices comply with regulations by providing automated reminders for compliance requirements such as HIPAA and providing an audit trail of the practice’s activities

In summary, Medical practice management software is a tool that helps medical practices automate administrative tasks, manage patient schedules and financial performance, improve patient care and data management, and comply with regulations. It can improve efficiency and productivity, while also providing real-time data to help practices make better-informed decisions.

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