DocVilla – A full suite HIPAA compliant health technology platform to connect patients and the doctors. Check out our exhibits in New York and New Jersey conferences.

DocVilla recently added some new exciting features such as secure messaging, health exchange integration, insurance claim and eligibility. Meet with us in the upcoming medical conferences.

Latest features of DocVilla


PS3G Inc. has recently introduced a few major features such as secure messaging, Health Information Exchange (HIE) integration, Apple and Google Healthkit integration, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) capabilities, patient portal and electronic prescription (eRx) in its health-technology platform – DocVilla. DocVilla is a HIPAA compliant, secure platform to connect the patients and the doctors through telemedicine and in-person consults. Patients can select the state licensed doctor, schedule an appointment for video or in-person consults and select the pharmacy where the prescription needs to be delivered. The patient is charged only when the doctor completes the consult. Since the providers can make medical insurance claims using DocVilla platform, so the patient might only get charged for copay as per their medical insurance. DocVilla has a registered trademark and a pending patent. Moreover, PS3G owns the IP rights of all the technologies used in DocVilla such as video calling, secure messaging, e-notifications, geotracking and scheduling.

Meet with DocVilla at upcoming medical conferences

“Since its launch last year, DocVilla has got a phenomenal response. It already has thousands of patients and providers enrolled and using the platform in 9 states. This number is increasing day by day. DocVilla was initially launched as a telemedicine platform but has since evolved into a full-fledged EMR. DocVilla has also got a significant traction from hospital systems, urgent care facilities and medical practices. DocVilla has emerged as an industry leader in Health Information Technology simply because it is the only platform which provides a full suite of features required to run any medical practice. Some of the important features of DocVilla are patient portal, video and in-person appointment scheduling, electronic notifications, pharmacy selection for receiving electronic prescription, secure messaging between patient and the doctor, protected health information sharing, health information exchange integration, ICD 10 integration, smart device integration, Electronic Medical Records capability, Drug name and strength integration, insurance eligibility and claim and a lot more. With our proprietary technology, patients can share their real-time EKG, blood pressure and temperature with the doctor using smart devices. No other health technology platform is currently providing such diverse features. There are two applications – DocVilla and DocVilla Doctor available on iOS and Android app store. DocVilla (iOS and Android) application is for the patients and DocVilla Doctor (iOS and Android) is used by the state-licensed Doctors. Since DocVilla provides both video and in-person consults, hence it can be used by any provider including nurse practitioners. Furthermore, providers can also leverage DocVilla platform as their standalone patient portal, EMR or for sending electronic prescriptions. We have a number of exhibitions, roadshows, tradeshows and demonstrations coming up next coming months. We will be exhibiting and showcasing our capabilities in NY Tech Day on May 2nd 2019 in Javits Center, Medical Society NJ Annual Convention on May 3rd and 4th 2019 in Atlantic City and NJ Pediatric Society Annual Conference on May 22nd 2019, Health Tech Panel organized by Strtupboost in Mercy College on June 13th, School Health conference organized by American Academy of Pediatrics on October 16th at The Palace at Somerset park, NJ. To check out our platform please visit our website or download the app,” said Ankit Goyal, CEO, PS3G Inc.

About PS3G: 
PS3G stands for “Professional Services, Software & Solutions Group” and is a leading Technology company with offices in North America and India. It has two divisions – IT Solutions and Services Division and Consumer Product Division. PS3G IT Services Division is catering to fortune 500 customers in providing niche technology solutions in Enterprise Web, mobile app development, Big Data, Data Management and Cloud based solutions across the industry. The Product Division has successfully launched several end consumer products such as EasyLearning4Kids (low cost learning application for kids available on iOS and Android), Business Contacts Lists, Smart Dialer and DocVilla. All these produces are also available for free download on iOS and Android marketplace.


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