Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care
Create Patient's Subscription
Schedule Recurring Payments
Generate Auto Invoice

Key Features

Schedule Payments

Schedule Automatic Recurring payments on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual basis for your patients. Charge patient's credit card automatically on specific date.

Manage Subscriptions

Create and Manage subscriptions and the Direct Primary Care (DPC) services that you offer. Associate it with the patients. Cancel the subscriptions anytime.

Generate Reports

Generate monthly consolidated reports across your medical practice. Customize the reports or export them to Microsoft excel. Get holistic view of your account.

Auto Invoice

Generate automatic invoices. Share them electronically with the patients from within DocVilla platform. Keep track of the past invoices.

Increase Revenue

Get Paid faster with automatic payments to your bank account. No credit card swipe machines needed. Increase revenue for your medical practice with steady subscription based model.

Patient Experience

Enhance your patients' experience by using your Direct Primary Care Services along with Custom patient portal built for you. Contact DocVilla support to learn more.

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DocVilla offers the providers to avail Direct Primary Care (DPC) – also known as “Subscription Medicine”, Concierge Medicine” and “Membership Medicine”. With Direct Primary Care, the providers can create subscriptions for patients and that can automatically charge the patient’s credit card on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual basis. The Providers can create DPC services that they offer along with the pricing. The Providers can then simply start the subscription for a patient by providing credit card information of the patients, setting the frequency of the payment and defining end date of the subscription (optional). This will setup a recurring payment system and the money will automatically get deducted from the patient’s credit card and will get transferred to practice’s bank account. The subscription can be canceled by the provider anytime they want. This feature is only available in the Gold Plan.

With this feature in DocVilla, the physicians can now create subscriptions with monthly recurring charges on the credit card provided by the patients. The invoices are auto generated. These subscriptions can be canceled anytime by the physician. DPC is already being embraced by the health policymakers across the county and has a bill H.R. 4301 : Primary Care Enhancement Act of 2021 in the congress. This bill was introduced in Congress on July 1, 2021 by Rep. Earl Blumenauer. DocVilla is one of the pioneering EHRs (Electronic Health Records) to implement the concept of Direct Primary Care in the platform. DocVilla already supports one-time payments from credit and debit cards and is also connected with over 4000 insurances across the nation for billing. 

What is DPC or Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a healthcare delivery model that provides primary care services directly to patients, bypassing the traditional insurance-based system. In DPC, patients pay a monthly or annual fee to their primary care physician for access to comprehensive primary care services, including preventative care, diagnostic services, and treatment for chronic conditions.

DPC models are designed to improve the patient-doctor relationship by providing patients with more accessible and personalized care. The direct relationship between the patient and physician allows for more time for the physician to spend with the patient, which can lead to better diagnosis and treatment.

DPC also eliminates the need for patients to go through insurance companies to access care, which can help reduce administrative costs and improve the speed of care. With DPC, patients have direct access to their primary care physician, which can improve continuity of care and reduce the need for expensive and unnecessary specialist visits.

DPC can also help to control healthcare costs. By eliminating the need for insurance companies, DPC can reduce administrative costs, and by providing more preventative care, DPC can help to reduce the need for more expensive treatments in the future.

In summary, Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a healthcare delivery model that provides primary care services directly to patients, bypassing the traditional insurance-based system. It focuses on improving the patient-doctor relationship, reducing administrative costs and improving continuity of care, and controlling healthcare costs.

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