Marketplace for Doctors

Marketplace for Doctors
Schedule Your Own Timing for Consults
Provide Price Transparency

Key Features

Set Your Own Time

You decide your own time when you want to provide Video and In-Person Consults using medical scheduling software. Set custom timing for different services.

Set Your Own Price

You decide your own price for consults. Set custom pricing for different services which you offer. Provide better price transparency to your patients.

Agnostic to Insurance

You decide if you want to take medical insurance or work on cash basis model. As a provider, you have complete free of how you want to set your profile.

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DocVilla is the only platform which allows the Doctors to set their own rate for consults. This helps in providing a price transparency to the patients if they do not have medical insurance or do not participate in the insurance which the provider accepts. The rates can be changed any time from the provider portal. DocVilla has a powerful patent pending medical scheduling software which combines with practice management solution. Contact us to learn more about it.

DocVilla is Available for Download