ICD 10 Integration

ICD 10 Integration
Expedite Payments, Reduce Frauds
Increase Patient Care Experience

Key Features

ICD 10 Integration

Auto populate your medical diagnosis with minimum clicks.

Expedite payments

Decrease chances of denial, expedite payment from payers.

Increase Productivity

Increase productivity, Increase Patient Care Experience with seamless workflow.

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The 10th release of the International Classification of Diseases is the latest edition to the system of codes that classifies every disease or health problem around the world. DocVilla has integrated ICD10 codes which helps the providers to accurately file for medical insurance claim by allowing them to identify anatomic site, severity as well as the first encounter with a disease. ICD-10 codes are much more granular in nature compared to ICD-9 codes. As a result, the patients can be charged as per the treatment provided, thereby leading to better transparency in payment procedures. This also helps in expediting payments to the providers by the payers, reducing frauds, improving healthcare quality, performance monitoring and clinical documentation.

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