Agnostic to Health Insurance

Agnostic to Health Insurance
A Solution for Every Practice
Even works on Cash Basis Model

Key Features

Cash basis model

In case your practice works on cash basis only and does not participate with health insurance companies then we have a cheaper plan option for you.

Agnostic to Insurance

DocVilla is connected with thousands of payers and is designed to work with and without health insurance depending on your practice needs. Contact us to learn.

Plan for Everyone

We offer a free plan for solo providers and have a plan for every kind of practice whether you are small or big. DocVilla can also create a custom plan and solution for your needs.

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DocVilla can work with and without medical health insurance. It is up to the clinician to choose whether he/she wants to accept the medical health insurance or work on cash basis model. From the platform, the provider can set his/her rate for consult if the provider chooses to work on cash basis model or in case the patient does not have insurance. The patient can see the rate for consult as well as the medical health insurances in which the  provider participates. This helps in providing transparency to the patient and avoid any unexpected medical bills. If the patient has medical insurance in which the provider participates, then the provider can submit medical insurance claim and charge co-pay as per the patient’s plan.

DocVilla has got many providers who are working on cash basis model. We also have doctors who accept medical health insurance.

Providers can schedule both video telemedicine appointments as well as in-person appointments. Most of the states have already passed parity law according to which the medical insurance companies cover tele-visits besides in-person appointments. As per American Medical Association (AMA), telehealth has seen a dramatic increase in number of patients.

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