Electronic Fax

HIPAA compliant Electronic Fax
Secure Communication
Send/Receive eFax

Key Features

HIPAA Compliant

A fax number is required by Surescripts so that the pharmacies can communicate with you. DocVilla offers a HIPAA compliant Electronic Fax which protects the patient PHI.

Attach to Patient Charts

With electronic fax, you do not have to print or scan any documents. You can directly attach the documents which you receive from any other provider to the patient chart.

Send/Receive eFax

We offer various plans depending on your page count ranging from 200 pages to 5000 pages per month and more. Contact sales to discuss further.

How eFax (Electronic Fax) works?

1. Sign up with us 2. Select a fax number or provide the number which you want to port. 3. The electronic fax capability will be associated with your DocVilla Doctor portal. You will be able to send and receive HIPAA compliant electronic fax. You can choose from various plans which best suit your practice needs.

DocVilla provides HIPAA compliant electronic Fax capability. Providers can port their current fax numbers. They can also get new fax number as per their area code or toll free. Using the electronic fax built in DocVilla, staff can securely communicate with other practices, labs, pharmacies or anyone to whom fax needs to be sent. Providers can also receive inbound faxes from other practices. The received fax are stored securely on cloud and can be access from any device such as mobile, tablets, desktop etc, anytime anywhere. There no need to buy a physical fax machine by the providers. The received electronic faxes can then be attached to the patient records. Contact us to learn more.

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