Roles and Permissions

Role Based Access
Prescribers vs non-prescribers
Administrators vs Staff

Key Features

Role Based Access

Create role based access for Providers, administrators, site administrators, location/department administrators, billers, inventory managers, nurses etc.

Define Custom Roles

If your organization needs some custom role to be defined then we can always create those custom roles with access to pages which you define.

Custom Reports

Get custom reports based on your access level e.g. Account Administrator is able to see reports at a higher level than a location administrator. We can also create custom reports.

Learn more

DocVilla can be used in solo independent practices, mid to large practices as well as hospital systems. It has got various roles and permissions for providers and non-providers, staff, administrators, nurses etc. DocVilla EHR interface has been developed using micro services and cutting edge technology to provide customized view for every role and permission. Contact us to learn how DocVilla team can further customize the platform for the needs of your practice.

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