eRx using Surescripts

Send eRx to 75000+ Pharmacies
Eliminate Prescription Fraud
Seamless Workflow

Key Features

Surescripts Certified

DocVilla is Surescripts certified and offers a seamless workflow. Providers can transmit eRx (Electronic Prescription) to any of 75000+ pharmacies across the nation.

Drug Allergy Interaction

If you will try to prescribe any medication and if the patient has got any allergy which is part of that drug then the system will prompt an alert stating that patient might be allergic to that drug.

Compound Drugs

You can create your own drugs and send the formula electronically to specialty pharmacies on Surescripts network. You can even save this formula in your account.

Manage Medications

Manage your patients' medications from anywhere. Send electronic prescription to the pharmacy of their choice with two simple clicks. Pharmacy data flows seamlessly from patient portal to your app.

Send Medications Faster

Help your patients to receive medications faster. Electronic Prescribing is integrated within patient chart and can be transmitted with two simple clicks. Prescribed medications are saved corresponding to patient chart.


You can even add controlled substances to your workflow. DocVilla is EPCS certified and will provide you with hard and soft tokens which are mandated by DEA. Eliminate prescription fraud by using technology.

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DocVilla is Surescripts certified vendor and supports standard electronic prescription (eRx) transactions, including NewRx, RefillRequest, RxChange and CancelRx, to allow clinicians to securely e-prescribe within their existing workflow. Electronic prescribing helps the doctors to increase the first fill medical adherence by 20%. It also eliminates the manual prescription writing process. E-prescriptions are delivered right to the pharmacist’s electronic workflow. It helps the doctors in reducing time spent clarifying manual prescriptions, entering data or making follow-up phone calls. Pharmacists no longer have to interpret handwritten prescriptions, reducing potential for errors. DocVilla is one of the first few EHRs to be approved for e-prescribing.

DocVilla also supports electronic fax (eFax) capabilities in case the provider or medical staff want to fax the scripts to any pharmacy.

Why is eRx needed for Providers?

e-Prescribing or electronic prescribing (eRx) is the process of using electronic systems to generate, transmit and manage prescriptions, rather than using paper prescriptions. eRx is important for doctors because it provides several benefits:

  1. Improved patient safety: eRx helps reduce medication errors by providing doctors with real-time access to patient medication lists, allergies, and drug interactions. This can help prevent dangerous drug interactions and reduce the risk of errors caused by poor handwriting.

  2. Increased efficiency: eRx eliminates the need for paper prescriptions, which can save doctors time and increase their productivity. It also enables doctors to send prescriptions directly to the patient’s chosen pharmacy, reducing the need for patients to physically bring a prescription to the pharmacy.

  3. Better communication with pharmacists: eRx can improve communication between doctors and pharmacists. Pharmacists can receive electronic prescriptions directly from doctors, which can help reduce errors and improve the accuracy of medication information.

  4. Improved patient outcomes: eRx can improve patient outcomes by ensuring that patients receive the right medication in a timely manner. With eRx, doctors can also monitor patient’s medication adherence, which can help improve patient outcomes.

  5. Compliance with regulations: eRx helps doctors to comply with regulations around prescribing controlled substances, as it provides an auditable trail of the prescribing process and can help detect fraudulent prescriptions.

In summary, eRx is an important tool for doctors because it helps to improve patient safety, increases efficiency, improves communication with pharmacists, improves patient outcomes, and helps with regulatory compliance.

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