Health Information Exchange

Health Information Exchange (HIE)
Interoperability of Patient Data
Securely Access All the Patient Records

Key Features

HIE Integration

DocVilla is connected with Health Information Exchange (HIE) to share patient data.

HL7 Interoperability

We use HL7 FHIR interface for patient data interoperability.

Access Patient Records

Efficiently get access to all patient data with DocVilla platform.

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DocVilla is connected with Health Information Exchanges (HIE) which allows providers and patients to access and securely share a patient’s medical information electronically. This helps with interoperability of patient data between primary care, laboratory, specialist, pharmacy and hospital systems. After getting patient’s consent, providers can pull patients immunization records, lab results, allergies, medical history etc. This helps with informed decision making at the point of care.

Such capabilities are only provided by EHRs (Electronic Health Records) systems. DocVilla is one such EHR system.

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