Insurance Eligibility and Claim Filing

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Key Features

Eligibility Checks

Perform Eligibility Checks of the patient insurance coverage in Realtime with just one click. Get data on copays, deductible, maximum out of pocket etc. Reduce chances of denial by using technology.

Electronic Claim Filing

Filing for insurance claim with just one click. All the data including CPTs, date of services, billing provider NPI etc. gets populated automatically in CMS 1500 form. Connected with 3500+ payers. Reduce chances of denial.


Get Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) directly on DocVilla. Get details about patient responsibility. Get paid faster from payer directly to your bank account through Electronic Funds Transfer.


Medical Coding

Automatic checking for codes such as CPT and ICD10 codes before filing for insurance claim. DocVilla will inform you if there are is any error and how to rectify it.

Claim Scrubbing

Claims are checked for errors using state of the art technology before submission to reduce the chances of denial. Thorough review of procedure codes as per the payer guidelines.

Denial Management

No need to call payer. Identify the root cause of denial through ERA, rectify the issue and re-submit the claim to the payer with a simple streamlined workflow. Thus, increasing revenue.

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DocVilla is connected with over 4000 payers across the nation. Providers can check the patient’s eligibility such as co-pay, deductible, maximum out of pocket, covered and non-covered items etc. through DocVilla platform with just one click. All the patient insurance information is fetched in real time. Provider can then file for medical claim through DocVilla platform. We have built in CMS 1500 form. Most of the information is pre-filled as the patient data flows seamlessly from start till end. This helps in avoiding errors occurring because of manual copying of the patient demographics and other data. Once the insurance is filed, providers can check the status of the claim and amount which has been paid by the payer. DocVilla also receives ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) from the payers which would explain the payment which the provider would receive. Each ERA is automatically mapped to the patient chart and the claim.

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the process by which healthcare providers and organizations manage and track the financial aspects of patient care, from initial billing and claims submission to payment and revenue collection. Electronic medical records (EMRs) can offer a range of features to support RCM, such as automated charge capture, electronic claims submission, and real-time access to patient billing information. This can help providers to streamline their billing and revenue collection processes, improve the accuracy of their billing, and increase the efficiency of their revenue cycle management

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