Secure Messaging

HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging
Providers and Patients
Accessible Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Key Features

Integrated Applications

We offer Web, iOS and Android applications for both Patient and Provider. Web application can easily be accessed via web browser (Google Chrome recommended).

HIPAA Compliant

Your data is encrypted using 256 bit encryption and transmitted and stored securely on Google and AWS cloud. The chat capability between the providers and the patients is E2E encrypted.

Internal Messaging

Besides task management and assignment to your internal practice staff members, you can also message them and they will receive electronic notification when they login.

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DocVilla provides HIPAA compliant secure messaging between the Patient and Providers. Providers do not have to share their mobile number with the patients. Patients can secure chat with the providers and ask any follow-up questions to enhance patient care. The message is are transmitted securely and are hosted on cloud. They can be accessed from any device such as tablet, iPad, laptop, desktop etc. Messaging is integrated within patient charts in EHR.

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