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Fully Customizable
Turn your Business Idea into Reality
White Labeling is Available

Key Features


DocVilla offers white-label solution to promote your brand to your patients. We can develop entire patient registration page with your branding connected to your website.

Fully Customizable

DocVilla has been developed on Big Data stack which allows the platform to nimble, design friendly and fully customizable in case you want features for your practice.

Entrepreneur Practice

If you have a health tech idea then we can custom build solution it around DocVilla engine. Hence, reducing your implementation costs and time to market. Call us for a free quote.

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Create Custom Built EMR and Telemedicine solution for your practice

DocVilla platform is fully customizable. As opposed to any other EMR/EHR platform in the market, DocVilla is completely web based and has been developed using Big Data stack. This allows us to scale and customize the platform for needs of a practice. We can also create a white labeled solution for your idea and spin off separate server. If you have a big business idea in Health Technology but you are struggling with development and implementation of the idea as it is cost prohibitive, then DocVilla can help you. We can create a custom built solution around DocVilla engine for fraction of the cost and license you the platform. This helps you with faster time to market, lower down your costs for implementation and you can sell the product to your customers under your brand name. Contact sales to learn more.

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