Smart Device Integration

Remote Patient Monitoring
Increase Patient Satisfaction
Adhere with HIPAA Guidelines

Key Features

Smart Devices

Patients can share their health data from FDA approved Apple Watch, Google Fitbit, Samsung Galaxy Watch and more securely with you. They control the data which they want to share.

Increase Satisfaction

Make informed decisions and increase patient satisfaction based on the health data which you receive from the patients. Such health data may include patient's EKG, BP, Temperature etc.

Control of Data

You can always request patients to share their health data. As per HIPAA guidelines, they will have complete control of what they want to share and when they want to revoke the access.

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DocVilla offers smart device integration with devices such as Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and Google Fitbit, etc. Patients can share their health data such as real-time EKG, Blood Pressure, and Temperature using such devices. Some of these devices have also got FDA approval for sharing health data.

From the patient end the integration of such devices with DocVilla app seamless and can be done by one click. The provider can also such health data from the patient and the patient can allow access with a single click. The patient can also revoke the access of the health data to the provider using a single click.

No other EMR/EHR platform has got such functionality and DocVilla has already filed a patent for it. All the data is securely transmitted (HIPAA compliant) through SSL from the patient app to the DocVilla cloud platform. The provider can access this data from the DocVilla- Doctor Web and mobile platform.

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