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Key Features

Free Patient Portal

DocVilla offers free patient portal. Providers can ask their patients to register for free on DocVilla patient web and mobile apps and schedule appointment with them.

Custom Patient Portal

DocVilla can also customize and build a white-labeled patient portal for the practice for a small one-time fee. This is a great feature if you want your own branding.

HIPAA Compliant

All the data is stored securely on the cloud and is encrypted using 256 bit encryption. The integrated web and mobile apps are HIPAA compliant.


Patients can securely communicate with the providers using the web and mobile patient apps. You do not have to share your personal number with anyone.


Your patients can choose services which you offer. They can pick the time when you are available for the consults using integrated web and mobile apps.

Document Upload

You and your patients can securely upload and share the documents on the portal. We even allow MRIs, x-rays and other movie files to be uploaded.

Patient Engagement

Increase Patient Engagement through personalized white-labeled patient portal from DocVilla. Patients can schedule appointments themselves and reschedule if required without calling your office.

Reduce No-Shows

Reduce patient no-shows by giving them more control over their scheduling through integrated web and mobile apps. Patients can also securely communicate with you about any changes if needed in appointment timing.

Increase Revenue

Increase your revenue dramatically and optimize practice workflow efficiency with increased patient engagement through personalized practice branding and a white-labeled patient portal.

Learn More

DocVilla offers integrated Web and Mobile apps for both patients and doctors. Patient apps for web and mobile can be customized for a small fee.

DocVilla has a feature rich patient apps. Patients can provide their demographic information, add family members, provide their medical history, schedule appointments with doctors, see any communication from the provider, upload medical documents etc. Portal is securely hosted on Google and AWS cloud and can be accessed using any device such as Laptop, mobile, tablets. Patients can also download DocVilla – Patient application to get access to their portal.

How Patient Portal helps Medical Practices?

A patient portal is an online platform that allows patients to access their medical information and communicate with their healthcare providers. It can help medical practices in several ways:

  1. Improved communication: Patient portals allow patients to communicate with their healthcare providers remotely, which can improve communication and reduce the need for in-person visits. Patients can also access their medical information, such as lab results and test reports, which can help them stay informed about their health.

  2. Increased patient engagement: Patient portals can help increase patient engagement by providing patients with easy access to their medical information, which can help them take a more active role in their care. This can also help to improve patient outcomes by encouraging patients to take control of their health.

  3. Increased efficiency: Patient portals can help medical practices increase efficiency by reducing administrative tasks, such as appointment scheduling and prescription refills. It can also help to reduce the number of phone calls and messages that practices have to handle.

  4. Improved patient satisfaction: Patient portals can help improve patient satisfaction by providing patients with easy access to their medical information and allowing them to communicate with their healthcare providers remotely. This can help to reduce wait times, improve continuity of care and make the experience of seeking medical care more convenient.

  5. Better Data Management: Patient portals can also help with data management by providing a centralized platform for healthcare providers to store and share patient information, which can help to improve the accuracy of patient data and make it easier to track patient progress over time.

Overall, patient portals can help medical practices improve communication and increase efficiency, increase patient engagement, improve patient satisfaction and provide better data management.

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